Tourism : Travel : Health


This is when you go with the flow, but make it as interesting as possible. If there is a guiding principle, it’s the universal one of value for money. Then you don’t get trapped in one class or category, but experience and compare them all, which makes what you know you like all the more enjoyable when you come to it.


You’ll never get far if you stick to the same road as everybody else, but you may get rich. So it’s best to determine from the outset how you are going to pay for your travels, and who you will share them with. Travel is the only thing that should be taken seriously, especially if it is you doing it for you.


It’s caveat emptor, and nothing gets more confused and abused for financial gain than ill health. That’s why those who offer practical solutions to keep you off pills and doctors bills get marginalized. It costs nothing to sleep 8 hours, exercise regularly, eat well, sit up straight and have regular sex. Well, you get my drift.

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