News : Narrative : Agendas


A newsworthy event dominates life like never before, but not so much as news, but as part of something else. Sooner or later, even the most distinct, proudly independent item of news gets shoe-horned into some media narrative or agenda, as a means to an end, or an end in itself. Undercurrent Affairs news is the media narrative, or the hidden agenda.


Controlling the narrative sounds innocent enough, and in normal storytelling circumstances it is. In a film, a book or a play, narrative is sometimes delivered direct to the audience by a narrator, as part of the storyline. A narrative controlled by a left leaning media manipulates news to feed into a narrative that hides an agenda. The outcome is propaganda.


My daily agenda is pretty harmless, and so is my agenda today. I plan some tree planting, put a fork through my foot, die of sepsis, and make the local news. In the postmortem I test positive for asymptomatic Covid, and my death is used in stats that appear as news to reinforce a sensationalised media narrative that hides a progressive socialist, green agenda.