News : Narrative : Agendas


A newsworthy event dominates life like never before, but not so much as news, but as part of something else. Sooner or later, even the most distinct, proudly independent item of news gets shoe-horned into some media narrative or agenda, as a means to an end, and eventually an end in itself. We prioritise news that undermines fake narrative, and exposes hidden agendas.


Controlling the narrative sounds innocent enough, and in normal storytelling circumstances it is. In a film, a book or a play, narrative is sometimes delivered direct to the audience by a narrator, as a valuable backdrop to the storyline. We call a fake narrative controlled by a left leaning media propping up some hidden agenda propaganda.


My daily agenda is pretty harmless, and so is my agenda today. Until I put a fork through my foot planting trees and die of sepsis in the local hospital. In the postmortem I test positive for asymptomatic Covid, and at my funeral the Vicar says I died a climate change martyr, which flows through national media into an international green new deal flood.


Dirty Work At The Crossroads

Every four years America, like a Stagecoach of old, pulls over for the day at a Way station to allow its passengers, American citizens, to head to the polls to select a new Brother Whip (the driver). The Whip, (or President in this analogy), who wins election and completes one stage without major mishap, is…

Grolar Bear Sightings

With polar ice caps presumed to be melting faster than the last time polar ice caps melted, Undercurrent was recently contacted by Eskimo X, who’d seen an appeal advertisement that appeared in Anchorage Gazette that moved him, which detailed the tragic loss of extant Haggis populations in the Highlands. On a scarcely believable Zoom call…

Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est le Climate Change

There are climate change cycles within climate change cycles, the climate is always changing according to these cycles, in some places at a certain point in time the water rises, the grass gets greener, and the ice melts, in others at a different point it’s the opposite. Generally, warming is better than cooling for homo…

Haggis Numbers Decimated

The 2020 Undercurrent AGM was a heated affair, after I presented a recent WWF funded census that showed numbers of the shy, elusive Highland Haggis had fallen by up to ten times over the last ten years, to 38, and that climate change was over 100% to blame. We voted unanimously to establish the Glasgow…