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No hidden agendas and fake narratives here. You can find out where we are coming from by browsing tongue in cheek descriptions of what goes into the tasty dishes on our menu ……. for free! 

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Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s £3.99 for a triple expresso, which is access to the three latest posts on the About page.

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If you like the coffee, you’ll love the cake. For £7.99 / month, it’s have your cake with your coffee, and eat it! In membership terms, Coffee, Cake & Stay is access all content all areas, any time.

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In humble recognition of the overwhelming volume of MSM misinformation to uncover, a bespoke Coffee Cake & Stay service which allows members to buy their own Undercurrent investigations, starting at £750.

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Buy in advance, one of the first 85 limited, signed, and numbered hardback copies of ‘When Hunter Becomes The Hunted’ first edition, starting at £98.99 for No. 2, down £1 at a time to publishing price of £14.99 for No 85.

Save The Haggis Fund

With the last WWF census suggesting climate change had reduced Highland Haggis numbers to just 38, Wee Jimmy established the Save The Haggis Fund, to finance state of the art shelters in the last Haggis hangouts.