Issues : Ideology : Irreverence


We all have issues. Like I have an issue with my neighbour’s cat crapping on my flower bed. But they are nothing like as dangerous as red herrings packaged as big issues that distract us from the challenges that seriously threaten us. Behind every big issue hides a little agenda, sold to the gullible by those on the take.


Since, rather like big issues, ideology lives in the abstract as ideas and beliefs that can’t really be proved but generate great feeling, it disguises a multitude of sins. There must be a sound ideology that knows its place, just like there is sound philosophy and theory, but mostly it’s the unsound which attracts us.


The one thing those pedaling fake issues and ideology demand to hide nefarious dealings is respect, reinforced at gun or punishment point, which is why a healthy society meets issues and ideology with blanket irreverence, each to his own. The sound gets on with its job and takes no offense, the unsound goes crazy.