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There’s a lot in sport that can’t be seen with the naked eye, both the dirty and the desirable, but as with any ruthless business being packaged up and sold as escapism, the best entertainment comes when actors, organisers and media reliant on the credulity of fans take liberties now easily exposed on social media.


An acquired taste, if you have been brought up mostly on a diet of sports, since games tend to be played, for fun or money, in a quieter more cerebral environment. Until there is cheating, then it can be cards down and fists up. So still useful to have a few physical moves up your sleeve if things cut up rough.


That’s a thing that you’d like to replace your day job with because you enjoy it more, but you probably shouldn’t. It’s difficult. Lot’s of people make good money out of your hobby, and perhaps being a scuba diving instructor is more fun than being an accountant, but there are more married accountants than muff divers for a reason.


Billion Dollar Bet

More often than not a farfetched or absurd aim is a sign that a previous realistic aim hasn’t been met. It’s easier to hide failure behind some unattainable dream than come to terms with and correct flaws that saw a more modest goal missed. My favourite current example in Sport is England Rugby Union coach…

Small Beer For The Boys

Some events are supposed to resonate so deeply in a country’s collective psyche that we all remember exactly where we were when we received the news, and for a long time after. For example, despite having recently returned from a two year recce of the Turkish emerging market mountains by pack horse that meant I…

David and Goliath

  “First in the love of women First in the field of fight First in the death that brave men die That is the Douglas right!” Sometimes, it’s best not to know what you are getting yourself into. As was written in the letter that ended up in the hands of my Grandmother : – “When…

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