Creating a billion dollar brand like Coke Cola is as common as breeding and training a champion racehorse like Arkle. In fact, it’s hard enough to breed your own winner, never mind a champion. But, as the old cliche goes, it’s the journey that counts in life credits as much as the destination, so might as well give it a go.


Billion Dollar Bet

More often than not a farfetched or absurd aim is a sign that a previous realistic aim hasn’t been met. It’s easier to hide failure behind some unattainable dream than come to terms with and correct flaws that saw a more modest goal missed. My favourite current example in Sport is England Rugby Union coach…

Origins Of Opal Oceans

In a modern world connected by the internet most things can be researched or acquired just by going online. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn provide desired leads and contacts, Google the rest. When it works, this saves time and money when compared with on the hoof reconnaissance, a welcome development that should open…