Crocodile Farm

After 3/4 of a bottle of Red Label, and interpreting Ed’s silence like me, Brian must have come to the conclusion words were becoming about as useless a means of communication between us as they had been between Mugabe, Carrington, Nkomo and Soames during the Lancaster House shenanigans. He switched to an analogy that was … More Crocodile Farm

The Courage Of Ian Smith

In 1982, Smith visited America and Britain, and told reporters that Mugabe was turning to totalitarianism. For some reason, Mugabe later went on to choose the Marxist Leninist flavour preferred by Nkomo’s ZAPU, over ZANU’s Chairman Mao Chinese flavour, perhaps to sideline Nkomo. That was when he sent his Matabeleland Massacre brigade to North Korea … More The Courage Of Ian Smith