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Abstract Definition is the brand name given to a new literary genre with its own particular tone, taste and tempo that mixes traditional satirical techniques like lampoon, burlesque, parody and profanity into colourful prose, sometimes with a signature lyrical top and tail that contains musical links if published on-line.

While the writing style uses rich imagery, particularly metaphor and analogy, to make sure a simple message, however unpalatable, shines through, photography which complements the prose in a counter intuitive way is also sometimes added for special effect. Letters are a favourite vehicle for Abstract Definition, along with shorter articles and longer blogs.

Abstract Definition comes in vanilla, mild spicy, hot chilli, profane and censored categories – with vanilla offering often just a metaphorical needle in a prose haystack that stands out like a mountain on a plain – all the way through to stress testing censored, which has landed the writer in court, to receive the highest literary gong available to satirists!

Feel free to contact the editorial team at undercurrent affairs to describe your literary requirement, and we will advise you on price and timing, and suggest which of our stable of writers would be most suited to the work you order. For gaming, it would be Joey Kasim Pasa, for anything likely to be censored, Jon Anon, our Scottish desk is manned up by Wee Jimmy!

All enquiries to jonrobist9@gmail.com