Dirty Work At The Crossroads

Every four years America, like a Stagecoach of old, pulls over for the day at a Way station to allow its passengers, American citizens, to head to the polls to select a new Brother Whip (the driver). The Whip, (or President in this analogy), who wins election and completes one stage without major mishap, is entitled by law to a second crack of the whip. The driver that wins the second term could be called ‘the devil you know’ driver, because it’s human nature to endure something that’s known but not that good, rather than take a risk on something unknown, even if it offers the prospect of being really rather impressive. So a Brother Whip who performs well first term is almost always a shoo-in second term. Nothing has ever delayed the process. Not even war. Nearly all drivers complete their journey, one way or another, and pull in same time, same place, every four years, like clockwork.

The road map followed by the Stagecoach is called the the American Constitution, a governing document drafted by the Founding Fathers that establishes America as a constitutional republic. The first ten amendments of the Constitution are called the Bill of Rights. Taken as a democratic system, the American Constitution has proved itself remarkably effective at preserving freedoms history shows are hard won and easily lost. And for the most part, it has stood the test of time, so it doesn’t really matter who gets to drive the Stagecoach, since they’re likely from the same driving school, called Congress, and from one of the two parties that dominate the school, either Democrats or Republicans, collectively called lawmakers. Most passengers identify with one party or the other, and know the Brother Whip they choose will probably benefit them, give them window seats, a bigger piece of Johnnycake at stage stops or the best beds at a Home Station stopover, and other travel perks. While not always fair (like life!), it’s an important part of the process, which keeps things fresh and interesting, even if it’s not always your choice in the Box seat (where the driver sits).

Things have to be really bad before enough passengers will countenance a new type of driver they’ve never tried before, who hasn’t been to Stagecoach driving school. Mostly if you’ve had a bad four years, a rough ride on the cheap seats, a dodgy sausage roll at a stage stop, or leaky windows in bad weather, you’d try to drum up support amongst other passengers who’ve suffered like you, to vote for a new driver from your party at the next election, who has promised to fix the things that trouble you. Such a system has worked well for American citizens; the to and fro tends to improve everyone’s circumstances, relatively speaking, with rising levels of income and freedom for those who want it, and will work for it. Even those who don’t and won’t have benefitted, since it’s the better side of human nature to look after those less fortunate than yourself, and the American Constitution encourages the better side of human nature, while guarding against the worst. The America set up makes a decent fist of channeling human emotions in a positive direction.

And while coping with the kind of love hate relationship one has with a more successful competitor, those that have worked with and imitated the American model have experienced similar improvements. Whatever your subjective feelings about America, an objective real world view would recognise that America has been an exceptional force for the good. Just because an American has never done much to help me directly, I don’t deny the fact that America has done much for me indirectly, or stop supporting the noble goals enshrined in the Constitution. The American way, sometimes called the American Dream, has performed well for its own citizens, and due to competition, everyone else’s. All but enemies blinded by the failure of their own ideologies would agree that American intentions are mostly positive, and attitudes sound. That’s the easy part of course, but with method fit for purpose, outcomes often work out well, so there’s no need for cover ups, or fear of self-scrutiny. After all, fare paying passengers always and everywhere want the same thing – a better ride for their money. Unless there’s something else going on.

Which there is.

Just as the human experience can serve up something that is wholly good, it can do the same with something bad, or even evil. Experimenting in the laboratory of life with a limited appreciation of human nature, and without the appropriate tools or safeguards, Karl Marx released a deadly virus out into the world, called Communism. In places like China and Russia, where the host population was susceptible to the most vicious first strain of the disease, millions and millions died, and took infected victims from many other countries with them. Unfortunately a virus, especially a virus of ideas, mutates to preserve and maintain itself, finding new hosts to colonise, in new areas. These mutations, given different names by hosts new and old, can be just as fatal to those it infects, even if lacking the original potency. Socialism is more acceptable than Communism, though it’s essentially the same watered down belief system. And in countries where Socialism doesn’t get much traction, mostly those that have experienced the greatest success of free market capitalism, new hosts who’ve been infected might call themselves something new like Progressives. They deny any connection to Communism, but a properly trained virologist from a country where free speech is protected would quickly recognise the mutation, and call it Progressive Socialism. As the virus mutates and weakens, a natural self-preservatory adaption to prolong its lifespan, it gets harder to detect and easier to hide. Symptoms take longer to appear, and many carriers become asymptomatic. More contagious but less deadly is harder to control.

What has any of this got to do with the Stagecoach? Well, Progressive Socialism began some time ago to work its way insidiously around America’s institutions. And nowhere more so than amongst establishment elites, especially those of both parties in the Houses of Congress. What are the signs of the disease? Leaders seemed to lose certain senses, especially common sense, and other qualities and values that they’d previously championed as being integral to their success. More specifically, hypocrisy is a sign of infection, as is shamelessness. In fact, shameless hypocrisy is probably the defining symptom. Even the heavily vetted, publicly elected drivers of the Stagecoach aren’t immune, and for a while it became apparent that whoever the passengers chose, certain things were just getting worse. The passengers tried everything, even reverse psychology, when a majority chose an Afro American Progressive Socialist called Barry who didn’t like the American Constitution or the Founding Fathers, or the Pioneers who’d built the country. When that counter-intuitive choice slowed the Stagecoach right down, enough passengers finally took the plunge at election time in 2016, and chose a Brother Whip from outside Congress, who promised to restore values and attitudes that had worked so well before the Progressive Socialist virus took hold.

Donald Trump’s victory came as a nasty shock to political elites who weren’t used to outsiders. They didn’t take it well at all, and from the moment his unexpected win was confirmed, plotted and schemed to remove him, by any means, at any cost, confident the system they dominated would protect them from close scrutiny, with any leaks ignored by an establishment friendly media. Like all scoundrels they gave themselves a noble cause, to save America and the world from Trump, when it was of course their own corrupt hides they were covering, and unaccountable power they were losing. Despite this agenda, including cooked up and ridiculous allegations Trump colluded with Russia to win the election, by threatened elites who colluded with Russian spies to do the cooking, Trump got stuck in and reconnected with many disgruntled Stagecoach passengers, cracked the whip, and got the horses moving in the right direction at the right speed again.

How did he do this?

Firstly, he did what he told his voters he’d do on the campaign trail, and no one had done that for a long time. Secondly, he had the courage to sideline Climate Change, the most recent incarnation of the more cumbersome Anthropogenic Global Warming, which had become the holy grail of Progressive Socialism. And third, he slashed red tape, much of it related to the agenda behind Climate Change, and the economy surged ahead. By the end of his third year in the Box seat, Trump had transformed the economy, and the newly invigorated horses were pulling the Stagecoach at a fair gallop towards election day 2020. A second term seemed inevitable, and it looked like the Democrats had thrown in the towel when they pulled a weak, doddery, aged Joe Biden off the political shelf and dusted him down to stand against Trump, as if no one else younger would risk damaging their career losing to him.

But there was probably more to it than that.

Because a year on, in 2021, the Stagecoach is back on the road, with the ghostlike Biden standing up on the Box seat, like the White Walker King to Game of Thrones fans, one hand on the rein, one foot in the grave, while Trump is in Florida playing golf, and preparing for another impeachment trial. How did that happen?

To answer that question, we need to take a closer look at the 2020 crossroads.

All Trump had to do was take on Progressive Socialist ideology, and let the American economy and its dynamic workforce breathe, to show what an absolute sham the whole political show had become. By the time his enemies looked beyond his combative, provocative style, they saw there was a real danger their whole command and control racket with its grievance mongering and racial obsessions would be consigned to the dustbin of history. A second consecutive Trump term would do irreparable damage. It became a do or die election for Progressive Socialists, not just in America, but everywhere. Every weapon available was pointed at Trump, including hysterical reaction to a highly contagious flu virus called Covid, with a 1% mortality rate, that flew in from China. This was used as an excuse to stop the flying Stagecoach dead in its tracks, and then risk averse, safety first socialist attitudes prevented it from getting moving again in time for the election.

There wasn’t much Trump could do about it, other than what he did, which was try to find middle ground between saving lives and saving the economy. Passengers are inclined to blame the driver when things go wrong, and when Trump himself caught Covid, or Covid caught Trump, two weeks out from the election, his enemies began to act like he was dead and buried. They even said nice things about him, like wishing him a speedy recovery, which of course only applied if he stayed down and lost politely.

What happened next will remind boxing fans of the first Fury v Wilder fight, where Wilder caught Fury flush on the chin, sending him crashing down, his head smacking back into the canvass out cold. The ref was over him quickly to begin what looked for all the world like a count to ten then fight over, but at about two Fury’s eyes blinked open as if reanimated by some chthonic force, and by eight he was miraculously back on his feet, taking more blows, making it to his corner at the end of the round, then back at the bell for the final round, trading heavy punches, to earn a draw that many thought was a win. Trump’s opponent in his extraordinary comeback wasn’t Biden, it was Covid. Biden, like Progressive Socialists of every hue, was on Covid’s side, cheering the virus on, while blaming its victims on Trump. The China Virus joined Climate Change and Racial Inequality as Progressive Socialist means to an end.

But for the moment it seemed certain sheer force of personality would prevail against the opposition forces that had rallied around Covid against Trump. He began to look unstoppable, as he campaigned and worked with heroic intensity right up to the bell. Biden, meanwhile, was all but invisible, media coverage flicking to him from time to time in his bunker as the battle raged, to remind us he was there.

Trump and his supporters began to believe. Well you do when your leader comes back from the dead and takes the fight back to the enemy, cocking a snot a Covid, making a mockery of Biden. And under normal fighting conditions, there comes a stage when seasoned observers would expect his opponent to show signs of impending defeat. And yet, both before, during and after the votes were totalled up, Biden and his team seemed certain of victory, not as politicians looking to project a positive message to garner every vote, but as players in a game they knew they’d already won. They seemed to know where all this was headed, despite the vicissitudes. And they did.

The fix was in.

Everyone, everywhere, knows that mail-in ballots are vulnerable to fraud. So in normal circumstances in the US, postal votes have to be applied for and returned under a strict set of criteria laid out by State law, including a good reason not to turn up at the polls on election day to cast a vote in person. And even then, there’s a general acceptance that some abuse will occur, but not in numbers large enough to make a definitive difference in swing States unless the margins between winner and loser are wafer thin.

The China virus changed all that.

Progressive Socialism allowed Democrats, without much pushback except from Trump who smelt a rat, to use Covid as an excuse to introduce universal mail-in voting, using old voter rolls, with a general relaxation of checks like signature verification. Anyone savvy enough to ask awkward questions or offer warnings got accused of voter suppression, or disenfranchising poor and minority voters who couldn’t get to the polls. Under the cloak of Covid, one of the most important votes in American history, at a crossroads of competing ideologies, became a free for all.

Inner city areas in battleground States, the impoverished Democrat strongholds, could now hold the whole process hostage, particularly through the distribution of postal ballots to recipients who lived in local subsidised housing blocks, and other Democrat funded plantations. Good old fashioned racketeering replaced the electoral process, with the virus as smoke, and arguments around minority voter suppression the mirrors.

No one at that point seemed able to do anything about it. Biden himself, in possibly the most revealing Freudian Slip in American history, said he was presiding over the ‘the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in history’. Which meant campaigning for the left in 2020 was a significant scaling up of underhand techniques used to win certain inner city districts in previous elections. Obama had fine tuned those methods in the lead up to 2008 through Project Acorn, before it was folded into something else under another name following an undercover sting. By the time the postal votes, in unprecedented numbers, were being collected and delivered on election day and night, it was too late. There would always be enough postal votes found to overtake whatever number Trump gained. And since hand votes were counted first, and the majority of Trump’s voters who took fraud seriously voted by hand, Biden’s harvested ballots could be added last, in whatever quantities required.

Where’s the evidence?

Firstly, once universal postal voting had been excepted as an emergency measure in principle, without much complaint, any evidence was always going to be closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, especially as far as the courts were concerned. And nothing is as hard to pin down as fraud on an industrial scale, practised by the authorities, even if it’s one branch of authority cheating another. While Trump was working his backside off, attending up to five rallies each day, taking interviews from friend and foe, and mostly foe since even Fox News leant left on the night, Biden and his lot were hunkered down scheming a massive expansion of their dark electoral arts in the areas they controlled.

If you tolerate what’s small and discrete for an easy life and the sake of appearances, you end up having to swallow what’s big and brazen when it’s rammed down your throat. As Trump observed, the nice, polite, law abiding Republicans, especially Progressive Socialists cut from the same cloth as Romney and the late McCain, got outmaneuvered by unscrupulous Democrats with embarrassing ease, even after they had been warned by Trump of the likelihood postal votes would be used to ambush the Stagecoach, under Covid cloud cover.

Secondly, as part of the Progressive Socialist strategy to de-legitimise Trump and undermine his Presidency, anti-capitalist mobs had been allowed to run riot in the year leading up to the election. The Progressive Socialists called them legitimate protesters, as they rampaged through Democratic controlled areas, attacking small businesses, breaking up private property, and assaulting anyone who got in their way, or killing them. Lawlessness in Democrat run States that Trump couldn’t control without being accused of being a dictator, was blamed on Trump by the Progressive Socialist media at every turn. The calibration was that death and destruction, irrespective of true cause, tend to get blamed on the sitting President. And if you’ve got all the media networks on your side pumping out the propaganda, mud sticks to timid types who want an easy life. The unspoken message was ‘this is here to stay as long as Trump is here to stay’. In other words, extortion.


Thirdly, there’s no certainty about close run elections. Something’s amiss if the leader of the side that is seeing its failures exposed by sound policy that threatens its very existence is in his basement feet up without a care in the world during campaigning. And suspicions are further aroused if his team are able to carefully choreograph an election night victory, and then shut the door effectively on legal disputes, in a way that makes dissenters out as conspiracy theorists or malcontents or bad losers. And if there wasn’t cheating, if victory was so comprehensive, the winners would be as keen as the losers to allow audits and closer inspections, to show that they’d won fair and square. This looked like robbery in broad daylight.

Last, but not least, were the incongruities, the parts of the election that fell into the ‘too good to be true’ category. At their pomp in 2008, with the Progressive Socialist movement and all its fresh, sexy indulgences like climate change and racial inequality united under America’s first Afro American President Obama, Democrats won just under 70 million votes. In 2012, helped by the supine, submissive campaigning of Romney and Ryan and the ‘devil you know’ rule, Barry despite the negative effect his policies were having on the economy, still clocked 67 million votes. That was a million more than his anointed successor Hillary Clinton managed in 2016. Yet a weak, frail, much diminished Biden at the end of his career, up against a force of nature who’d made significant progress despite all sorts of impediments, got 81 million votes? That’s simply unbelievable. There is no way a washed up Biden could exceed Obama’s vote by that amount. The Democrats overplayed their hand. Once the fix was in, all they had to do was keep the scale of victory in proportion to what was tenable. In that, they failed miserably.

In addition to that one startling anomaly, there were many others. Trump won Florida and Texas, and no sitting President in history had been unseated having won comfortably in both States. In those and other battlegrounds where the vote was conducted quickly and professionally, and mail-in voting was effectively policed, Trump won a significantly increased share of Afro American and Hispanic votes, which all added up to him winning 74 million votes, 11m more than four years previously, and more than any Republican President in history. In the stolen swing States, those minority voting trends were turned upside down, never mind reversed, with the kind of percentages you expect to see in dictatorships. These, and other discrepancies, defy logical explanation. There was a miracle, or there was low down and dirty cheating on an industrial scale. If you believe in miracles, Hot Chocolate‘s sexy thing was called Covid, and she came from China to save Progressive Socialism, like Fang Fang. Agent Covid was worth, by any metric, 10 million votes to Biden.

In the Wild West, stationary at the crossroads was where the Stagecoach was most vulnerable to robbery, when brigands had their best chance to lay hands on wealthy passengers and valuable belongings. Nothing comes more valuable than the American taxpayer as a cash cow for Progressive Socialist pet projects, which offer the easiest pickings for the least work, with zero risk. Anything connected with Climate Change or Racial Equality and now the Covid Virus pays out to agents and brokers off lofty intentions rather than successful outcomes, in ways that are for the most part unaccountable, since the taxpayer stumps up the capital, and the irrefutable goal is saving the world or correcting inequalities. Nice One!

So the Stagecoach was ambushed when election day arrived, after it had been sitting idle by the side of the road for too long. The straight talking direct driving Trump, who realised the danger and tried to get things moving again, was setup and sent packing; passengers who liked the ride and complained were ignored; and when they took the law that wasn’t serving them fairly into their own hands, they were hunted down like terrorists, and now face long sentences.

One, an army vet who’d risked her life fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan who hate American freedom, came to protest draconian virus lockdowns of dubious efficacy and motive that were destroying her business. She was shot and killed climbing through a window by a policeman. These Patriots are extreme, they are prepared to die for their country and its ideals, but they are not extremists, like those who hate American ideals.

The whole process was handled in a manner that leaves sacred institutions like Congress irreparably damaged. How could it be worth paying such a price to cheat a driver who disagrees with you out of his second term in office, when he is following the road map that everyone is supposed to follow, the American Constitution, which more or less ensures if adhered to that your chance will come? The potential rewards from seizing control of the Stagecoach in 2020 to enforce a Progressive Socialist agenda that Trump wouldn’t sign up to must have been bigger than would appear on face value.

And set in a wider context, they were. Trump was inadvertently doing great damage to an international consensus when he put America first, at a global crossroads which involved the re-organisation of Western culture and society to fit in with Chinese ambitions. By phasing out fossil fuels and replacing them with heavily subsidised renewable energy systems, the West does China’s bidding, since those systems are often manufactured in China using fossil fuels. It’s Turkeys voting for Christmas!

Trump and his supporters label the whole process Globalism, and consider it detrimental to American interests. If only it was just part of international growing pains, with some trade imbalances and environmental issues that can be resolved by sanctions and tariffs. But having ripped back the Emperor’s new clothes to get a better deal for Americans, Trump has revealed something more sinister. China is vigorously endorsing and funding Progressive Socialism, and reordering it under a One World Socialism they control. Every choice made is connected to that. For those establishment elites in the West who are more equal than others, who don’t want to fight, it’s a perfectly acceptable compromise. This, in a nutshell, is the Great Reset.

For the American Patriots at Trump’s rally at DC on January 6th, and the smaller crowd who marched on Capitol Hill to make their voices heard, there is no role to play except as part of an American taxpayer cash cow that helps fund the Great Reset. For the motley crew of misfits who stormed the barriers, in their own garb or fancy dress, to wander through Congress like they’d lost their tour guide, there is scapegoating, as a means to get Trump or force his followers into submission. The colourful diversity of character, thought and opinion represented at Trump’s rally, even amongst those on the whacky fringe, must be silenced and homogenised. They must conform, or face the consequences.

But Biden’s Blackshirts, the pseudo-militants in black bloc uniform who ransack private property with impunity, do fit the picture, since the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They are free to express themselves, as they attack one of the last obstacles to stand in the way of the Great Reset, the small, independent, middle class business owners, who can think and speak for themselves, but are too busy working to do much more. They are not natural activists.


But the Motley Misfits do have time to express their anger, and less to lose if punished. They love the American Constitution, and consider it’s being talked away from them. They believe in free market capitalism and private property and the American ideals, and took their frustration out on the lawmakers who no longer represent them. The damage to public property was limited, a few broken windows, a smiling clown stealing Pelosi’s lectern, a druid in animal headdress that native Indians would have been proud of sitting in the Speaker’s chair, a chancer with his feet up on Pelosi’s desk. Loss of life was mostly unintended, a woman shot in the panic, a policeman who died when a fire extinguisher landed on his head, and a couple more who got trampled or had heart attacks. The worst these lawmakers faced was a good hiding, but it was the Police who found themselves on the end of that, not that it was all one-way traffic.

Bu the damage to pampered Progressive Socialist pride was extensive, hence their furious reaction. While the infected lawmakers cowered under tables, in anterooms where they normally cook up compromise, the Motley Misfits mocked them, and their hallowed institution, and gave them a taste of their own medicine; the feeling of loss of control, that no one listens to your concerns, that nobody cares for you, that your values are being ignored or trampled underfoot, or sold off for silver. For a moment, the boot was on the other foot. And the lawmakers didn’t like it up ’em! Even the more grounded Republican’s lost their bearings.

And now? Where are the lawmakers now?

They are hurtling along a new road towards One World Socialism, with a geriatric in the driving seat, and those who think they put him there, like the tech punks, grabbing at the lines. Unless his wife hangs on and keeps the medication flowing, he’ll be heaved unceremoniously off the left lurching Stagecoach and into a care home.

Let’s hope Jill Biden is as ambitious as her first husband claims, and manages to keep old snake eyes going, at least until the Trump rematch in 2024, if that’s what Trump wants. When they hear the world’s laughter – and that is the laughter of those of sound mind and body who’ve developed immunity to Progressive Socialism – those who put Biden where he is will look to get rid, since his frailty will soon begin to offend their totalitarian inclinations more than Trump’s strength ever did. Stand and deliver!

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