Bosporus Boutique 2018

The Bosporus Boutique is a special type of conference that aims to help galvanize flagging growth and lagging investment by liberating the latent potential and talent of women in the Turkish emerging market.


The Bosporus Boutique is the conference brand of Lale Speaker Buro, a speaker agency dedicated to the ideal of open market democracy, and taking practical steps like common sense capitalism to get there.

The Bosporus Boutique brand concept has been carefully designed and put together to provide the right mix of business and entertainment for delegates, and the perfect networking atmosphere.

The choice of a three day conference format was made in part to harmonise direct with less direct cultural styles, and take advantage of an uncomfortable reality, that your best contacts and ideas often come in roundabout ways and more relaxed, but relevant and related surroundings.

So while you might get everything you need by going head down and hard on the day at the sector that relates directly to you, it’s just as likely you’ll meet what you need to make the conference a success on one of the days that runs in parallel and complimentary to your core interests.


Take the driving force that lies behind the conference itself as an example. It’s a quirk of human nature that we dream about the unobtainable before accepting the obvious, and in this region everyone knows that women hold the key to greater stability and stronger growth, it’s just hard to act on it.

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